Review: Café Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee

Review: Café Don Pablo Gourmet Coffee

Our day won’t start without a cup of hot Java in the morning. It’s my dad who loves making coffee for all of us. He’d wake up early and start brewing. By the time we wake up, there’s our hot cup of coffee on the table. A 2-lb. bag of Medium-Dark Roast Café Don Pablo was sent to me for review.

don pablo coffee 3

Product Description

The idea to produce a better cup of coffee through Café Don PabloTM was conceived…

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Hainanese Delights, Robinsons Magnolia

Hainanese Delights, Robinsons Magnolia

It was one rainy Saturday afternoon when we stopped by Robinsons Magnolia to buy a gift for my nephew before heading to his birthday party. Since it was way too early for the party, we decided to grab a quick lunch at Hainanese Delights. Their food is really delicious and very affordable.

Hainanese Delights 1

Hainanese Delights 2

Here’s what we had.

Hainanese Delights 3Best-selling White Chicken Php139

Hainanese Delights 4Hainan Fried Chicken Php139

Hainanese Delights 6Eat The Heat, Spicy Fried…

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Review: EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Thermometer

Review: EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Thermometer

Everyone here at home is not fond of eating under cooked food except for my mom who likes her steak rare. Roasting chicken is also a challenge because I keep pricking the inside part of the thigh just to make sure that the juice coming from it is clear and not pink. It’s really hard to tell when you don’t have a food thermometer. I was actually about to get one when I was offered a chance to…

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Dolcelatte, Quezon Avenue

Dolcelatte doesn’t just serve the yummiest croughnuts. Their food is also great. My family had a chance to finally go there and try their food. Here’s what we had.

dolce latte clubhouse sandwichDolcelatte Club Sandwich Php385

dolce latte 2Foie Gras with Apple Cranberry Chutney Php 325

dolce latte 5 putanescaPuttanesca Php 375

dolce latte 3Fillet Mignon Php 673

dolcelatte  lamb chopPan Grilled Porkchop with Apple Sauce Php386

dolce latte  chicken kebobItalian Style Chicken Kebob

dolce latte 8Dolcelatte Hawaiian Pizza

dolce latte 7Iced Latte


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I use garlic every time I cook. Food is always very tasty when sauteed with garlic and onion. I…

I use garlic every time I cook. Food is always very tasty when sauteed with garlic and onion. I used to buy the peeled garlic cloves to save time, but now that garlic has become more expensive, I went back to buying whole garlic heads because they are a wad cheaper. Thanks to this Propresser Garlic Pressthat was sent to me for review, I don’t have to spend so much time peeling and chopping garlic.

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